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Fintel Global Network is a financially empowering multi-level marketing and ebooks network focused on boosting our financial acumen, incentivizing readings and encouraging self development. Fintel Global Network provides a platform for people to attain Financial Freedom, hence has its marketing structure with a fully automated rewarding system. We have a mission of eradicating poverty across the world through equipping people with life skills, and will have ebooks hosted mostly on Entrepreneurship, Network Marketing, Investments, Money and Leadership.

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Our Vision

To be a reliable medium through which people achieve Financial Freedom, and a network of choice and preference. To financially enlighten people and elevate the financial well-being of Humanity by providing an enabling self development platform through which people can achieve Financial Freedom.

Our Mission

To eradicate poverty across the globe and make earning a fortune a lifestyle for every active and committed member. To raise satisfied, successful and happy millionaires and help homeless people become house owners within a few years of active membership


To liberate, build up people financially and improve their overall quality of life by providing a platform through which they can gain valuable knowledge as well as embark on a rewarding journey of financial experience by starting small and moving on from one level of financial upliftment to higher levels and ultimately achieving the much desired financial freedom.

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