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Fintel Global Network is committed to spreading knowledge, breeding financially enlightened people and helping them attain Financial Freedom. Ebooks on specific selected areas intended to equip people with life skills, particularly money making skills will be regularly updated and made available on the eBookstore.

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Fintel Global Network operates in full compliance to local and international Copyright Laws, hence consider Copyright infringements considered very seriously. eBooks hosted for sale in the eBookstore must have passed every Copyright requirements. A prior agreement and written permission must have been obtained from the Author or Publishers of such eBooks. Fintel Global Network is not liable for how eBooks are handled by those who purchase from the ebookstore thereafter.

Email us at ebookstore@fintelglobal.com for any enquiries, or for partnership agreements if you are an author or publisher of best sellers or to report any perceived Copyright Infringements or other such concerns on any ebook hosted on the Fintel Global Network eBookstore.